It’s been a while and it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve always been flaky when it comes to journaling and this blog was no exception. Like other times I’ve forced myself to write, it’s easier to do so when I need an outlet and last year (like the year before that) I most need to vent during The Bad Month(s).

Looking back it’s one of my first journals where not every entry makes me want to rip the pages out. Perhaps since most of it seems relatively fresh I haven’t been extremely critical of my work as always happens. Obviously there are some rough patches: clear typos, quoting HoC like a drama queen, what was even up with my last entry about RH??

It’s not to say that I’ve totally abandoned this project.

I rolled out of bed this morning onto cold floorboards. The sky today is gray, gray gray. Summer has come and gone.

The school year has really, truly begun. And I don’t mean to be pessimistic when I say this, but the Bad Month(s) have yet to come and when they arrive I’m sure you’ll hear all about it.



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